Workshops with Rodney Harris

Sculptor Rodney Harris has been commissioned by the local district council to propose designs to enhance the facade of the planned new District Community Building in Great Western Park. He works mainly in brick relief sculpture and he has been running workshops with various different community groups including GEMS Primary, UTC Oxfordshire, GWP residents group and at the Northern Community Centre.  The workshops involved exploring ideas through working with clay that allows open ended thinking about what kind of image or images might be appropriate for transferring into permanent hand carved reliefs on the surface of the new building.  Beginning with the general theme of “World Class Sciencescape” the workshops explored questions around 

“What does science mean to you” ?

Themes that have emerged from the workshops include discovery, surprise, curiosity, exploring the unknown, revealing knowledge, imagination and magic, etc, all of which provide rich material for potential sculpture.

Participants have encouraged Rodney to be bold and imaginative in his proposals, proposing works that really put Great Western Park on the map, watch this space!


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