Map for Great Western Park

Last summer, with the help of families who joined in the Great Western Park activities week at the community centre, I began making a map of Great Western Park.  You can see an image… Continue reading

Displays at Cornerstone

  Michael Condron and I displayed some of the material that has come out of our work at Great Western Park in the window wall at Cornerstone Arts Centre.  

Light workshops with residents and the WI

  Michael Condron worked with residents of Great Western Park and with the recently formed WI to explore ideas for his sculptures. Participants made intricate cut-out designs, adding coloured cellophane to create beautiful light effects.

Light workshops at the UTC

Michael Condron carried out a series of workshops with students at the new UTC near to Great Western Park. These sessions created an opportunity to explore sculptural ideas and gain an understanding of… Continue reading

Workshop with Sports for Streets

Michael Condron and I joined Dave from ‘Sports for Streets’, and a group of young people at Great Western Park early on a November evening. As part of the idea development for his sculptures Michael… Continue reading

Visit to Diamond Light

In November I joined Michael Condron for a visit to Diamond Light, the UK’s synchrotron which is based at Harwell. This is a very powerful machine which works like a giant microscope, speeding up electrons… Continue reading

Visit to Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

Didcot as a centre of scientific research is one of the main areas of focus for Great Western Park’s public art strategy, so in the coming months Michael Condron and I will be visiting some… Continue reading

Construction with panels

Another drawing from my maquette. As the drawing developed I used blocks of colour to try and make the confusion of lines and shapes more readable. I find it interesting to see the… Continue reading

Drawings, shadows

  Drawing from the maquette I’ve been working on. I like the relationship of shadow to maquette and the echo created by the colour. It would be interesting to create two inter-related structures in different colours.

Drawings from the back catalogue

      Here are a few drawings from a maquette which I was working on before starting this project. They seem to fit here. I am interested in the way that drawing seems… Continue reading