Great Western Park is a new housing development on the edge of Didcot.
With over 3,300 homes being built along with schools, shops, a sports centre and community centres, the development brings significant changes to Didcot as a town and creates much needed housing in this area which has become known as ‘the science vale of Oxfordshire’.

The arts play an important role in Didcot where Cornerstone arts centre provides a cultural hub in the town centre, and artists, theatre makers and musicians take participatory creative workshops to schools and community groups across South Oxfordshire and the Vale of White Horse.

In Great Western Park the role of the arts has evolved in negotiation between arts officer, Abigail Brown, community organisations and artists. Possibilities have been explored and developed through conversations and creative workshops with a focus on addressing specific needs to create temporary and permanent works that are relevant and useful.

The public art strategy for Great Western Park focuses on the evolving science industries in the area. Artists making work at Great Western Park have collaborated with some of these organisations as a starting point for their ideas.

If you are interested in participating in workshops, or if you are a scientist living on Great Western Park who would be interested in working alongside an artist to develop a new project, please get in touch at gwpartist@gmail.com

gwp map_artwork_A3


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